About Turn The Tide Portishead

What we do

Our Mission is to tackle marine pollution through regular beach cleans and projects which focus on reducing single use plastic, reduce litter and improve the environment for everyone in Portishead.

We are now running Portishead Big Cleans once per month (last weekend of the month), which is a way for your to get involved, keep active and help the environment.

You can get involved when you want to over the Big Clean Weekend. Many report they are a great way for the family to exercise but highly educational too. We have various games such as litter picking bingo and litter letters for you to take part in.

The concept is simple, as a household you litter pick your local street, beach or park. You take some photographs if possible, and you report back to us which area you’ve cleaned and how much rubbish you’ve found and how many of you took part.

We tally it all together, with lots of lovely photos and as a community, we make a big difference to Portishead. Super feel good, and surprisingly fun. Come and give it a go!


We are a group of passionate volunteers who have joined forces to work towards reducing the plastic pollution of Portishead’s beaches and public spaces. We are dedicated to cleaning up our environment and reducing single use plastics in our community.

We have a small committee which meets each month to organise our events and events we are involved with in the community. We are a purely voluntary non-profit organisation that is funded by donations from individuals, groups and businesses. It is our intention from November for our larger group of Volunteer and the Committee to meet once a month as a social event where we can discuss Turn The Tide, what we can get involved with, in line with our Mission and Constitution, and who can help with what!

Our Current Project for 2022 is The Portishead Big Clean. Further 2 minute beach clean boards in various locations and improved litter bins at the Marina and around Portishead. We also hope to get our first Muncher Bin installed, which is a technology bin that crushes the rubbish using solar power and can communicate when it is full so that the emptying process is highly efficient.

We are also supporting Gordano School in the Duke Of Edinburgh Scheme. Find out more here.